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Frozen Drink Equipment
Frozen Drink Equipment: Features & Benefits

Turn empty counter space into an income source - add frozen beverages to your menu and add more profit to your bottom line.

Frozen drink equipment is versatile, allowing you to serve frozen cappuccino or latte, granita, frozen margaritas and daiquiris, frozen lemonade, or slush drinks.

Select your frozen drink machine from our reliable commercial foodservice manufacturers today, to start pouring year-round profit tomorrow.

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Versatility of Frozen Drink Equipment



Frozen Lemonade

Slush Drinks

Frozen Cappuccino & Latte


Why Frozen Drink Equipment

Mix and keep your frozen drinks at the right consistency with a frozen drink or margarita machines from 1st Line Group. These machines are perfect for any bar, restaurant, coffee shop, concession stand, convenience store or ice cream parlor.

Frozen beverages are a perfect addition to your operations. Add more profit to your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction by adding frozen drink equipment to your beverage menu.

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